Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hi! My name is Rhiannon or rhi. I'm not exactly sure why I started this, probably out of boredom.. I'm also not exactly sure what I'll be putting on here, so just expect a bunch of randomness I guess, haha. 
I also feel as if I should write more about myself.. so here goes:

I like:
  • Music!
  • Stars
  • Swinging (hence the name of the blog)
  • Playing guitar
  • Nylon magazineee
  • Reading
  • doing stupid things
  • fluffy socks
  • chasing my tail
  • windy/rainy days
  • windy/sunny/warm days
  • windy days
  • road trips
  • kittens/cats
  • urban outfitters (heheheheheheheeh)
  • ice cream
  • not running
  • making fishy faces
  • pete doherty
  • hoarding vinyl
  • skipping
  • happy crying
  • the buried life
  • interesting people
  • wandering around malls without money
  • Library CD's
  • Finding new music
  • cupcakes
  • sparklers
  • closing my eyes while looking at the sun and seeing my eye veins.

I'll try keeping this blog interesting! and daily-ish.

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