Tuesday, May 31, 2011

so that's what they've been doing...

well today I was wandering around youtube land and as you probably know I'm obsessed with covers so i was watching a horchata vampire weekend cover and I'm like hold on.......THAT'S THE GUY FROM THE NAKED BROTHERS BAND, i haven't seen that show since I was a little kid and I got really excited for some reason. anyways it's really good
and then that got me to thinking where the hell they had been so I clicked on their youtube channel thingy and I just seriously had like a 3 hour marathon of their videos.....i just couldn't stop watching man......
yeah i'm totally gonna buy their album.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

can't explain the sunlight

song: IVY & GOLD by bombay bicycle club
i love this song it's so happy and whistlely

today: i got out of school early because of testing so my friends et moi decided to go to the beach. i crashed into a curb on my bike! and I made the quickest recovery I've ever made. Anyways we made a really crappy sand castle with a "castle" and a "wall" and a "cave/bridge" (they really just looked like lumps of sand) and then we destroyed it and then they buried my legs. 
i has a picture from my phone
what a bunch of gangsters. BY THE WAY, they were extremely horrible and bossy throughout the whole burying process. I couldn't laugh or breathe without feeling like i was gonna get shanked. I think victoria had sand in her eye.
and my legs fell asleep
above picture from a completely different day
but look at the sign hahaha
speaking of college. we went to an open house for the art institute on the weekend. It was interesting but seeing as I have no real idea what I want to do with my life I think i'm gonna stick with community college first to figure it all out and then go to FIDM or maybe not... i do not know

annnd I don't have to go to school tomorrow! yaaay!
also side side side note:
i have decided to begin wearing more colorful socks

random pictures!

amy, doctor, RON

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ed sheeran

is amazing!!! ahh i've just started listening to him......so much more to go through eeep.

zoe weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

tv show! with zooey deschanel! in september!

(this picture is not from it I just thought it was funny)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

we are waves

song- we are waves by beat!beat!beat!
AHHHH so obsessed with this band right now!!!!!!!!!! !!!
i neeed this
wouldn't that be so coooool?!?!?!!!
it's like a compilation of like 30 something indie rock posters like bon iver, devendra banhart, ra ra riot, and etc.!! and it's really cheap for that many good posters and it would be so cool to do what this lady above is doing and frame them and hang them around! it's so clever and nifty!

today I sat around and worked on my charles bukowski poster
it looks pretty swell if I do say so myself
I'm not doing between the bars anymore because my english teacher thought it would be better to do bukowski....which I was fine with. so yeah I'm excited about that

annnnd I still can't get over how incredibly good this guy is
sorry I keep posting covers............I like covers!@#$%^&*

auf wiedersehen! arrivederci! adieu! goodbye!

Well i know that it is freezing

driving around mount charleston during christmas!
song: lua by bright eyes
i don't know why it uploaded in such a crappy quality but i can't be bothered to fix it....
au revoir! adios! goodbye!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I missed your skin when you were east

magic spells by crystal castlesss
i wish there was a field
where i could scream all day long

maybe i've been reading too much bukowski
thank god it's the weekend
i wish i still had a cat :(
but i guess oreos will have to do...

speaking of bukowski

Sunday, May 1, 2011

there's stars in my eyes and sun in my hair

song: round the moon by summercamp!

the next week it's going to be ninety degrees AHHHHH! summer is sooo close! I can't wait!!!
I cut my hair so it won't be so hot!
I got a bunch of new beach crap!
and a bunch of shorts!
andd new converse I can ruin by the end of summer!

I always have ridiculously high expectations for summer like I've really enjoyed a lot of my summers but a couple of them were just a drag. I feel like I have more freedom this time around though and I only have to go to my dads for a week which is really great because I used to have to go for the whole frickin summer. which wasn't as bad as it sounds actually but I always felt like I missed out on everything. Even though I got to play with my dogs everyday. I miss them dearly. Last summer I didn't have to go though, which was nice, but this summer I'm going because I want to see my brother! I'm so excited to have a sibling.......I'm going to push my music onto him...hehehehe. Anywho this summer I expect to:
go to the beach  A LOT..
eat lots of ice cream
apply for jobs everywhere!
oc fair!!
and hopefully a concert/show..
trips to long beach to dream about the future!!
mentally prepare myself for senior year
have a picnic
stay out late
watch the shhhtarrrss
build sandcastles!
drink lots of peach Iced tea
play guitar at da beach
see a wide array of movies
pink lemonade
scrimping and saving for coachella
learn how to drive

all the while growing my hair long again

my summery songs
in the sun - she & him
loud thunder - clap your hands say yeah!
round the moon - summercamp
hey - elvis perkins in dearland
the next time around - little joy
the modern age - the strokes
fish in the sea - skip roxy
post acid - wavves

and now I leave you with a picture of robbie wadge!