Sunday, May 1, 2011

there's stars in my eyes and sun in my hair

song: round the moon by summercamp!

the next week it's going to be ninety degrees AHHHHH! summer is sooo close! I can't wait!!!
I cut my hair so it won't be so hot!
I got a bunch of new beach crap!
and a bunch of shorts!
andd new converse I can ruin by the end of summer!

I always have ridiculously high expectations for summer like I've really enjoyed a lot of my summers but a couple of them were just a drag. I feel like I have more freedom this time around though and I only have to go to my dads for a week which is really great because I used to have to go for the whole frickin summer. which wasn't as bad as it sounds actually but I always felt like I missed out on everything. Even though I got to play with my dogs everyday. I miss them dearly. Last summer I didn't have to go though, which was nice, but this summer I'm going because I want to see my brother! I'm so excited to have a sibling.......I'm going to push my music onto him...hehehehe. Anywho this summer I expect to:
go to the beach  A LOT..
eat lots of ice cream
apply for jobs everywhere!
oc fair!!
and hopefully a concert/show..
trips to long beach to dream about the future!!
mentally prepare myself for senior year
have a picnic
stay out late
watch the shhhtarrrss
build sandcastles!
drink lots of peach Iced tea
play guitar at da beach
see a wide array of movies
pink lemonade
scrimping and saving for coachella
learn how to drive

all the while growing my hair long again

my summery songs
in the sun - she & him
loud thunder - clap your hands say yeah!
round the moon - summercamp
hey - elvis perkins in dearland
the next time around - little joy
the modern age - the strokes
fish in the sea - skip roxy
post acid - wavves

and now I leave you with a picture of robbie wadge!

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