Monday, May 9, 2011

we are waves

song- we are waves by beat!beat!beat!
AHHHH so obsessed with this band right now!!!!!!!!!! !!!
i neeed this
wouldn't that be so coooool?!?!?!!!
it's like a compilation of like 30 something indie rock posters like bon iver, devendra banhart, ra ra riot, and etc.!! and it's really cheap for that many good posters and it would be so cool to do what this lady above is doing and frame them and hang them around! it's so clever and nifty!

today I sat around and worked on my charles bukowski poster
it looks pretty swell if I do say so myself
I'm not doing between the bars anymore because my english teacher thought it would be better to do bukowski....which I was fine with. so yeah I'm excited about that

annnnd I still can't get over how incredibly good this guy is
sorry I keep posting covers............I like covers!@#$%^&*

auf wiedersehen! arrivederci! adieu! goodbye!

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