Sunday, February 27, 2011


Since I got a computer of my own, I have been going on youtube sort of obsessively. I've been watching all of alex days (nerimon) videos which are hilarious and I've also been watching a lot of covers because I like covers and how different people do different covers. These guys VVV are insanely good and I can only hope to be as good as them one day 
they're all brothers or related or something..also!
the ezra koenig cloning factory
that is some scary resemblance

so today is the last day of break. I hate school. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear boy you never do become aware

so today I went to the central library and got these cd's:
dirty pretty things, broken social scene, animal collective, LCD soundsystem, black moth super rainbow, the pains of being pure at heart, young love (mistake), arcade fire, ok go, and sufjan stevens!
pretty excited mayyynnne. 
I'm in the middle of putting all of them on my computer and they're giving it a heart attack :( there's too many scratches on them or something and they're making weird noises in the disk drive thing...
music video of the day! 
yes yes we're magicians by the crookes

actually it's not a music video...but they all have such beautiful faces!!!!

this next section is called WHEN I DRIVE
its me complaining that I don't know how to drive when I could easily just stop being lazy and learn 
and what I would do/where I would go if I could drive

1.i really want to be able to drive wahhhhhhh
2.If I could drive I would go on a road trip with my friends. I've been on road trips before and they're fun and everything, but when you do them with adults do things like go to the museum of natural history or go humpback whale watching or some stuff like that. Which is nice and all, but i think it would be way more fun to drive around with your friends seeing new places in the sun the snow the wind having fun meeting other people and going places that pertain to your age group. 
3.I would go to the grocery store (presuming i magically have money) and buy non health food store wheaty stuff. 
4.I would go to shows with ma friends
5.I would drive to the beach
6.I would drive aimlessly around
7.I would play music in my car which is something I'm really looking forward to

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I got it! And it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

I love bright eyes because every single album is like a completely different sound/style.. like vastly different compared to each other. Which is a good thing for me at least because although I love bands that have a certain "sound" like Joy Division or the Libertines I think it's really nice that one band can be so everywhere and still sound great, yu knoww? Anyways sorry for the mini rant just wanted to get it out to the universe that I love this album. and this band. that is all. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

hiya :)

song: Idiot by life in film
hello folks!
saw I am number Four the other day. The dog was so cute! 
so I want to talk about dreams/aspirations. Mainly to myself to get my thoughts together but you can read too if you want ..obviously haha. My dreams for myself are so big they're seriously scary. Not the dreams themselves but the fact that I might not be able to reach them. Sometimes I'll just think about them though and I just get overwhelmingly happy. I'm such an optimistic person that I don't really see my dreams not coming true no matter how ridiculous they are. Actually I don't think they're ridiculous. I would share them with you but I'm afraid of judgement and I haven't really told them to anyone so...maybe later! hehe But sometimes when I really get critical and sad I think about how I would feel if they didn't come true and it's really saddening. But I have hope and drive and hopefully that'll get me where I want to be. For clarification my dreams have stayed the same for like 5 years haha (not joking). And just working towards them makes me feel good because I know I'm a couple steps closer to lovelinessss. In fact, the reason I'm probably so optimistic is I somehow know they will come true. It's not just optimism, it's work. As long as I keep working towards them in a few years they will happen. We'll seee.......:)

sold back to the love in our sails

I learned the first part of this on the guitar today!!! and then I lost my guitar pick and didn't bother to get up and find another one, or use my phalanges. 
Well I'm bored again. I really only blog when I'm bored so most of the time I sound crazy because when I'm bored I usually have plasmicmegastorms of energy. I guess that makes this a boring blog! fascinating! fascinatingly boring! 
notice: this is a contradiction! 
god. puppies. horcruxes. 

notice #2: No explanations will be provided. suffer!  

Anywho, did absolutely nothing all day except sit around and watch stuff on netflix. Which was dull. What is wrong with me? Usually I'm pretty good at being non bored but lately I've just been bleh and unmotivated and lazy. So I'm planning my day tomorrow because I do not want to feel this asdfghjk again.
I really just need something new to doooooo
because things are just so BLLAHH......


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


-the peoples key BRIGHT EYES' NEW ALBUM came out today. so. money. must. earn. money.signed copies. hidden in stores. must. get. 

-learned today that my favorite book (the perks of being a wallflower) is being made into a movie and is coming out in 2012!
-BUT WAIT, that's not even the best part! Logan Lerman (percy jackson yo) is playing charlie and Emma Watson is playing Sam. OHMY, I can't wait I really hope the world doesn't end because then I won't get to see it :(

yeah that's all! so glad about the above
song of the day: dear boy cover by bodies of water

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the science of sleep

oh and one more thing 
this VVV

was a very good movie
i think 
I watched it when I was half unconscious so  can't be so sure but I remember it being entertaining 
and I like the visuals (?) the way the movie was filmed I mean and how they like animated the little stuffed raggy animals. 
it was about this guy who couldn't distinguish dreams from reality and there was a girl who in my opinion was equally as crazy but in a good way and there was a horse. and now i'm very very tired so I'm gonna sleep. 
byyyyyyy            e. 

OH stay with me Arienette!

Hiya! I'm really bored right now. Awful yucky stupid icky boredumdum. 
So I really like therapeutic internet shopping, you know mayne? 
So it's been really fun imagining an outfit for saturday when we go to the beach to sing songs and play guitars. So yes I've been having fun and here's what I've come up with....

these too! even if they're kind of stupid for the beach..

both from urbanoutfitters

and I love dresses like this
and I want shorts like these very very much.


bright eyes!

yeah ok bye now.