Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear boy you never do become aware

so today I went to the central library and got these cd's:
dirty pretty things, broken social scene, animal collective, LCD soundsystem, black moth super rainbow, the pains of being pure at heart, young love (mistake), arcade fire, ok go, and sufjan stevens!
pretty excited mayyynnne. 
I'm in the middle of putting all of them on my computer and they're giving it a heart attack :( there's too many scratches on them or something and they're making weird noises in the disk drive thing...
music video of the day! 
yes yes we're magicians by the crookes

actually it's not a music video...but they all have such beautiful faces!!!!

this next section is called WHEN I DRIVE
its me complaining that I don't know how to drive when I could easily just stop being lazy and learn 
and what I would do/where I would go if I could drive

1.i really want to be able to drive wahhhhhhh
2.If I could drive I would go on a road trip with my friends. I've been on road trips before and they're fun and everything, but when you do them with adults do things like go to the museum of natural history or go humpback whale watching or some stuff like that. Which is nice and all, but i think it would be way more fun to drive around with your friends seeing new places in the sun the snow the wind having fun meeting other people and going places that pertain to your age group. 
3.I would go to the grocery store (presuming i magically have money) and buy non health food store wheaty stuff. 
4.I would go to shows with ma friends
5.I would drive to the beach
6.I would drive aimlessly around
7.I would play music in my car which is something I'm really looking forward to

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