Wednesday, February 23, 2011

hiya :)

song: Idiot by life in film
hello folks!
saw I am number Four the other day. The dog was so cute! 
so I want to talk about dreams/aspirations. Mainly to myself to get my thoughts together but you can read too if you want ..obviously haha. My dreams for myself are so big they're seriously scary. Not the dreams themselves but the fact that I might not be able to reach them. Sometimes I'll just think about them though and I just get overwhelmingly happy. I'm such an optimistic person that I don't really see my dreams not coming true no matter how ridiculous they are. Actually I don't think they're ridiculous. I would share them with you but I'm afraid of judgement and I haven't really told them to anyone so...maybe later! hehe But sometimes when I really get critical and sad I think about how I would feel if they didn't come true and it's really saddening. But I have hope and drive and hopefully that'll get me where I want to be. For clarification my dreams have stayed the same for like 5 years haha (not joking). And just working towards them makes me feel good because I know I'm a couple steps closer to lovelinessss. In fact, the reason I'm probably so optimistic is I somehow know they will come true. It's not just optimism, it's work. As long as I keep working towards them in a few years they will happen. We'll seee.......:)

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