Wednesday, May 25, 2011

can't explain the sunlight

song: IVY & GOLD by bombay bicycle club
i love this song it's so happy and whistlely

today: i got out of school early because of testing so my friends et moi decided to go to the beach. i crashed into a curb on my bike! and I made the quickest recovery I've ever made. Anyways we made a really crappy sand castle with a "castle" and a "wall" and a "cave/bridge" (they really just looked like lumps of sand) and then we destroyed it and then they buried my legs. 
i has a picture from my phone
what a bunch of gangsters. BY THE WAY, they were extremely horrible and bossy throughout the whole burying process. I couldn't laugh or breathe without feeling like i was gonna get shanked. I think victoria had sand in her eye.
and my legs fell asleep
above picture from a completely different day
but look at the sign hahaha
speaking of college. we went to an open house for the art institute on the weekend. It was interesting but seeing as I have no real idea what I want to do with my life I think i'm gonna stick with community college first to figure it all out and then go to FIDM or maybe not... i do not know

annnd I don't have to go to school tomorrow! yaaay!
also side side side note:
i have decided to begin wearing more colorful socks

random pictures!

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