Saturday, November 20, 2010

You know I cherish you my love

I'm at the unfortunate point in the month where I've ran out of new music. But it's okay! Because I've been listening to the libertines again. I used to be obsessed with them and I guess I still am! I started listening to them in 2007. I really feel as if I owe everything to them which sounds a bit melodramatic but when I started listening to them I felt like a new person. And that was when I started listening to good music. The libertines have such honest lyrics and beautiful melodies and you know when you listen to a song and you get chills? They're poets. Okay I'm gonna stop now because this sounds stupid, haha whoops. I didn't mean for it to. Anyways PICTURES!

dunanananananana did you see the stylish kids in the riot

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