Sunday, March 20, 2011


i got bored today! hehehehe these are pictures from my crappy mac web cam thingy. I really need a decent camera.
school tomorrow. bleh.
today we will be discussing
a clockwork orange!
and the rest will be in orange because I can't get it to go back to black haha. So I watched this movie a couple of months ago because I was going through a watching weird movies phase and I knew we had to read the book for school next year. I liked it a lot except for the fact that it ruined the song singing in the rain for me forever........ and the violence was really violent. But the ending was a little disappointing because Alex didn't learn his lesson mannnnnnn. and it seemed like he was just going to return to his life of violence. But today when I was reading the intro of the book which was written by the author which I got on friday which said the following:
that the u.s. version publisher person took out the last chapter where Alex realizes that violence is not the answer and the movie just went off the u.s. version. I was happy that the book actually ended a nice way. It's nice to have that cleared up anyways. It's still a great movie though. pictures!
  isn't he perfectly sinister looking?

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