Thursday, March 17, 2011



song: little yellow spider by devendra banhart

today I got my class schedule all sorted out with my counselor....I'm so excited for next year. It's gonna be oodles of fun. These are the classes I'm going to take:

1. English (by force)
2. History or economics or whatever (by force)
3. aerobics (i screwed up half a year of p.e. 2 years ago, haha)
4. Design Craft!
5. Photography!
6. Choir!

yeah it's super exciting and then the next year I'll be off to college in long beach living with my pals. I seriously can't wait. But I'm sort of scared to leave my mom, even though I know she's been dying to get me out of the house I know I'll miss her. We have established that we're going to talk over skype in order to maintain communication. I'm not one of those people who doesn't like their mom, i LOVE my mommyyy hehehehe. so yeah, that'll be hard. :( wah. 
I'm getting my haircut tomorrow! And I'm putting my fist down! or is it foot?? whatever
 haircutting people always cut too much off and then I'm sad. But this time I'm not letting them! Anyways I'm getting lots of layers. and getting it thinned out. 


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