Monday, April 18, 2011

damn you ed!

I was going through the free downloads on last fm and I discovered ed westwick's(chuck from gossip girl) band (the filthy youth). And he sounds scarily like babyshambles like identical. copy cat. haha I'm just bitter I guess. 
pete doherty is still miles better but I guess they're good anyways in a more sort of shallow way.....I don't know but I suppose a lot of bands are unoriginal. But the best ones are the ones who can come up with their own sound without completely ripping other bands off. that's my opinion anyways. 
edit: I just listened to that ^^ the whole way through and he even does the screamy thingy at the end!! like in VVV grrrr
you see?!?!
haha anyways..

Today I went 18 miles on my bike and my legs didn't even hurt! My friends and I went to huntington beach and people watched. There was this weird group of friends who were doing handstands on top of trash cans and skateboards.....FAMILY haha. And these little kids who did not look old enough to date were sitting together and the guy was licking her? which is strange to show your affection that way but okay it made me laugh. Oh! and there was a crazy saxophone guy. I love people watching which I've sort of gotta keep on the down low or else people think I'm creepy. haha yeah anyways school tomorrow. I did my homework! bleh... 

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