Sunday, April 3, 2011

Under swaying trees we fell asleep and we had the same dream

song: the moon by the microphones
from the time that I was a kid to now my parents have taught me to be afraid of the dark by saying that the crazy people come out at night and will like, mug me or something. Which is a shame because the night is so pretty and magical, you know? The stars in the sky, the moon and the darkness and the cold wind. I suppose if you lived in the city where there's more people the fear wouldn't be as pronounced. 
I'm not sure about other parents but mine would never let me go out for a walk at night. That's probably normal I guess since there are crazy people outside at night, but when I leave home in a year, I am most definitely going on a night walk to celebrate my newfound freedom (with my phone fully charged, my mom on speed dial, and 911 already pre-dialed.......hehehe not really. well maybe). 
Truth be told I've already gone on solitary nightwalks before to clear my head, but it'll be great not having to worry about my mom finding out and getting unreasonably pissed.  that's all.

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  1. Love the night images... When you live in the city you have worry about the bad people who are out at night. And when you live in a rural area you have to worry about the predatory animals that are out at night. Both bad people and predatory animals use the night to survive. The dark is beautiful but it is all apart of nature. And sometimes the most beautiful natural things are the most dangerous.

    Thanks for sharing,