Sunday, April 24, 2011

who is the arcade fire?!?!?!

song: the sprawl II by arcade fire

so as everyone probably knows if you live in america or something (not sure if they care about the grammys outside america), Arcade Fire won a grammy for their album the suburbs which I was really pleased about because

1. it's a really really really good album! 
2. grammy people recognized them for their greatness

yeah so it was all good and stuff but apparently a lot of people got pissed because

1. they weren't especially that mainstream so people didn't know about them
2. their artist of choice did not win said grammy 
and I'm writing all this because today I came across this website!
it's basically some guy/girl who decided to make a tumblr dedicated to collecting evidence that people don't know about arcade fire 
(they think eminem should've won the grammy) . It's funny because people are flipping out over it like their lives are going to end or something. but it's also sort of sad because they're hating on a band just because they haven't listened to them. Which is lame of them. LAAAAAAMMMMME

which brings me to this. People who think they have good taste in music. When summer says to tom im 500 days of summer "you have good taste in music" it countered with my beliefs on this subject. what she should have said was "I like your taste in music" hahaha not really that sounds so weird. ANYWAYS why she should have said the second thing (but not really, because as aforementioned it sounds weird) is because I don't think there is a specific "good taste in music". I mean people like what they like and what appeals to them and stuff. Who are you to say 'I have good taste in music' like you are the ultimate music god or something. I think it's relative to the person. You might have the crappiest taste in music in the world according to someone else, you know??? 

which brings me to this! rant mode activate. People who deny the fact that they like/ used to like what could be considered "embarrassing". I don't think that you should deny the fact that you like something just because other people have a weird sort of unexplained fiery hatred towards certain bands/artists (I do not get this at all?!). I'm not afraid to say I listen to miley cyrus and taylor swift sometimes. I even have spongebob on my ipod. 

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